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Low-price competition is curbed

2021-7-14 17:14:37 Views

From March 1, 2006, the "Notice on Regulating the Export Order of Motorcycle Products" jointly issued by the five national ministries and commissions officially came into effect. The "Notice" sets strict export qualification thresholds for motorcycle manufacturers and curbs low-price competition. According to statistics from Huangpu Customs, 3 months after the implementation of the Notice (from March to May this year), Guangdong Province exported 624,000 motorcycles with a value of USD 260 million, a year-on-year increase of 38.6% and 70.4%, respectively. Yang posture.

Judging from the export of motorcycles in Guangdong Province in the three months after its implementation, the "Notice" has achieved some results in curbing low-price competition, but the situation of large-scale export of motorcycles in Guangdong Province has not changed. The main reasons are:

1. Motorcycle production and export enterprises in Guangdong Province are quite large and relatively concentrated. The "Notice" stipulates that motorcycle exporters of motorcycles in the previous year have a total export volume of motorcycles of not less than 500,000 US dollars or a sales volume of not less than 30,000 in the domestic market in order to qualify for export of motorcycles; Motorcycles must be authorized by a qualified motorcycle manufacturer before they can export products produced by authorized companies. The motorcycle production and export enterprises in Guangdong Province have generally met the above requirements, and the "Notice" has almost no impact on the exports of these enterprises.

2. Some cities restrict the use of motorcycles, forcing companies to seek overseas markets. Due to the pollution of air and noise in the use of motorcycles, and their safety is relatively low, many cities in China have restricted the driving of motorcycles, making the domestic motorcycle consumer market relatively saturated. Production companies have to explore overseas markets and find a way to survive.

According to industry insiders, there are problems with motorcycle exports in Guangdong Province: Exports to emerging markets are growing too fast, which can easily lead to resistance from importing countries, rising average export prices, and falling corporate profits.

To this end, relevant experts give suggestions: adjust relevant policies and optimize the structure of export markets. On the basis of macro-control, the state should appropriately control the concentrated export of motorcycles to a certain country, expand the export space of motorcycles, ensure sustainable exports, expand product mix, and develop rural markets. Enterprises should change the product structure in a timely manner, produce motorcycle products suitable for rural use, vigorously develop the domestic rural market, expand the living space of enterprises, strengthen export inspection procedures, and protect the interests of legitimate operators. The "Notice" has restrained the export behavior of small motorcycle manufacturers to a certain extent, affected their interests and made it possible for them to continue to export products by adopting irregular methods. In order to protect the interests of legitimate operators, the state should strengthen export inspections to prevent unqualified products from small enterprises from passing through customs and exporting overseas.